This is the very first draft of storyboards I did of my short. Early 2010. As you can see it's very different from the film now because a lot got changed. I still like looking back at these to see where it came from. Read them left to the right!
Spent a great deal of time on the floor organizing and writing notes.
This scene where Lewis and Clark cross the street was added to replace the bus turning into a snake because I wanted to show how simple something like crossing the street becomes a challenge for some one who has no or difficult vision. It got reworked so many times, so here are boards from an early version. Read left to right!
Some of the planning and thumbnails I had used for the layout and two scenes in the story. 
Finally here is one of the last revisions I made to the boards/animatic. I gave up index cards and fell in love with the cintiq in school. All of the editing after this was just cutting scenes out that either didn't work or I didn't have time for.